Creating Your Job Avertisement

In today's challenging job market, one of the best ways to help attract quality candidates and separate your company from the competition is by creating a great job ad. It isn't just a "job post" it is your "Job Advertisement" and should be designed to sell your company, the culture, and the job to quality candidates. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Your Company and Culture: A great way to start your ad is, describe your company and culture as it relates to the job. Brag about your reputation, your culture, your customers, your facility, equipment, etc. Consider uploading your logo or a company picture to your "Company Profile".

Job Title: Consider using a commonly used, industry standard, job title. You may consider using alternate job titles while writing your job description to expand your results; however, the best job titles are titles that job seekers would commonly search for and react to.

Job Description: Consider a thorough description. A job description should include the following;

  • Job role- briefly describe what someone does in the job.
  • Responsibility- what are the primary responsibilities while performing the job?
  • Daily tasks- are there other tasks directly or indirectly associated with the job?

You may consider including a brief description of organization, equipment, software and tools related to the job. Another consideration is, including a basic work schedule for your job position.

Compensation: Let job seekers know how you pay; hourly, commission, flat rate, salary...Do you offer a guarantee? Bonus programs? Other?

Include Job Requirements:

- At least 18 years of age
- Minimum ( how many) years experience
- Valid Driver’s License
- Must have transportation
- Must have your own tools
- Some experience with vehicle repairs
- Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
- Experience using store equipment such as (list equipment)
- ASE certifications preferred
- Factory certified (GM, Ford, other, or misc.)
- OEM factory training
- Must be able to pass pre-employment screens (background & drug test)
- Education: High school diploma or GED is preferred ,Associate, Bachelors, masters degree

Include Benefits:

- Health Insurance  
- Prescription Coverage  
- Life Insurance  
- Disability Coverage - Short Term Disability and/or Long Term Insurance available
- Dental Coverage  
- Vision Coverage  
- Chiropractic Coverage  
- 401(K) Retirement Plan With Percentage Match!  
- Tool Allowance  
- Tool Coverage  
- Work shoe Allowance
- Paid Vacation  
- Paid Holidays  
- Paid Personal Days  
- Paid Sick Days  
- Provided Uniforms  
- Continued Paid Training  
- Employee Discounts
- Tuition reimbursement

YouTube video: Consider adding a YouTube video about your company.


Best of luck in your candidate search!

Let me know how I can help,

Tom Shaffer


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