(Job Seeker) Quick Tips to Improve Your Online Job Profile

Improving your Job seeker Profile to be Distinctive

There are so many candidates online looking for the same job you are.  Recruiters skim through thousands of online profiles on job boards and social sites hoping to find that one candidate that will match their job requirements. When they find someone who might be a fit for the position, they search their social media sites to learn more about them.  How can you tailor your online resume or profile so there is a distinctive difference from all of the others?

Improving Your Online Job Profile to Be Distinctive

1. Use a professional headshot photo on a job board. Appearance is everything. Don’t insert a picture of yourself with your cat or wearing your worst T-shirt. First impressions count.

2. Select a professional user name. “KoolCat10” will make the recruiter move on to the next sensible candidate.  Use your name or a combination of your name and the type of position you are seeking like “BillAutoSales”.

3. Make your resume or profile title prominent. Use action words in the title such as “Certified BMW Automotive Mechanic”.

4. Include a career objective of one or two sentences to help recruiters distinguish you from the rest of the candidates searching for that type of position.  Make it simple, direct, and to the point.  For example “Skilled Auto Body Technician interested in a position with a Jacksonville, Florida auto body shop”.

5. Profile Format – Try to keep your online resume to one page, two at maximum.  Bullet key skills, experiences or accomplishments that you want noticed rather than including them in a long paragraph. Proofread content so there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Use a professional email address; always think of the impression you are making with the recruiter or employer.

6. Be specific – ensure that you include skills and fields of interest on job boards so employers can notify you about relevant job opportunities.  What industry words would help a recruiter or employer find you?

7. Remain Current – update your profile as your skills and interests change. 

8. Link to Your Other Sites – If you have a profile on another site that gives additional information about you, include a link in your online profile.

9. Include Your Contact Information - Submitting an online resume that doesn’t include your contact information will not impress an employer or recruiter.  They will quickly bypass you as a potential job candidate. 

10. Control Your Privacy Settings – Make sure you are aware of the privacy settings of job boards and social sites where you are posting your resume or profile. Changes in settings and user guides can change frequently.

Improving your online job profile can make the difference between getting hired or remaining unemployed. If you are searching for a job in the automotive industry, make sure you check out our job board at and also upload your resume to our database to attract serious employers.

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