About us

Providing for Today's Automotive Recruiting Needs with Today's Technology
Our goal is a simple one. We want to provide automotive employers, recruiters and job seekers with the fastest, most convenient, most efficient and most effective method to connect with each other. Our staff has decades of experience in the automotive field and by leveraging that experience with the latest in technology we provide the industry's ultimate resource for employers, corporate recruiters and automotive job seekers alike.
And here's how we do it:

    • Focused on the automotive employment niche. Given our name this fact should be self-evident. We decided to focus on automotive because of our background and our understanding that often automotive professionals seek out different job titles across the industry. A service manager may decide that representing the manufacturer of diagnostic tools is the path his or her future should take. For that reason we seek out employers who support the manufacturing, sale, service, or transportation of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In other words we list opportunities that exist in the corporate office, the production floor, over the road or in the show room, repairs and maintenance or retail store opportunities.


    • Providing meaningful recruiter tools. The most important item that we provide automotive recruiters is a relevant audience. Beyond that we provide the technology that allows the recruiter to present their most compelling proposition (including video presentations) and management tools including a highly refined resume search tool, pre-testing, and resume management tools that will allow the recruiter to "do more with less."


  • Giving Automotive Job Seekers Opportunities with Contemporary Convenience. The jobs are here and we've made it exceptionally easy to find them. Equally easy is the submission of a resume into our searchable database. We have completely integrated Social Media into the job search process from using social media sites for easy logon and job tracking to helpful apps for your smartphone. This is communicating the way you live your life.

We are not sitting on our laurels. As technology changes we will change. We are extremely responsive to user input and any suggestion that will enhance the efficiency of our user community will be given every consideration. Your success as a recruiter or a job seeker is our success.