(Job Seeker) How to Write an Effective Online Cover Letter

Ready to apply to a job but the employer requested a cover letter? Or, you want to include a cover letter to differentiate yourself from the pack. Either case, you can write an effective cover letter using the tips discussed in this article.

How to Write an Effective Online Cover Letter

You ‘ve found the perfect automotive sales position on   []. Your resume is ready to go, but the employer has also requested a cover letter. However, you don't know how to write an effective online cover letter. Don’t panic!

Your cover letter basically summarizes your resume; it’s your introduction to the employer. Review the job description and requirements of the job carefully and write your letter showcasing how your education, skills, abilities, attributes, and experience make you the perfect fit for the job.

Online Cover Letter Formatting Tips

  • Keep your cover letter to one page.
  • Use bolding, underlining and italics to highlight important points.
  • Tab, indent, or center text  for emphasis.
  • Use spaces to separate paragraphs.
  • Mail a test copy of the letter to a friend for proofreading.
  • Print a copy of the letter for yourself  to check spelling, grammar, and formatting.
  • Align all text to the left.
  • Use a basic font for readability.  Arial, Calibri, Verdana, or Times Roman are all suitable.
  • Use a font size of 10-12 pts.
  • Include the job title in the subject line of your e-mail
  • When attaching your documents to the email, make sure that your cover letter is first followed by your resume.

Online Cover Letter Content Tips

Your Current Address
City, State, and Zip Code
Date of Letter
Recruiter or Employer’s  Name, Title
Organization Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Ms. Or Mr. (Last Name):
First Paragraph – Explain your reason for writing the letter; name the position for which you are applying; mention where you learned of the job vacancy.
Middle Paragraph (1 or 2) - Mention your most important qualification for the position.  Tell why you want to work for this employer and give your reasons for wanting a position in this field.  Stress the skills, education, attributes, experience you have that  match the job description of the position for which you are applying.
Refer employer to your attached resume.  Clarify the information on your resume from the employer’s standpoint which will help the employer draw the right conclusions. Remember to be personable and show interest, but be concise and specific. 
Ending Paragraph – Discuss the next steps in the hiring process.  If your records will be forwarded , ensure that you mention this. You may request a job application and/ or make a request for an interview and give your availability.  Make sure that what you are requesting is clear to the employer.  Last but not least, thank the employer for his/her  consideration.
Your Name
Attach your online resume here.
We hope these tips on how to write an effective online cover letter improve your chances of getting the job of your dreams!

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