(Job Seeker) 9 Job Interview Tips to Help You Get Hired

Be prepared to make a great impression in your interview and win the job. Check out these 9 interview tips Today.



Make a great impression with these job interview tips

1. Do your job-seeking homework - Your goal is to learn as much as you can about the employer, job requirements, and the background of the person who will be conducting your interview. Research as much information about the company as you can. Use Google, other search engines, published company articles, and any contacts you may have who can give you a feel for the company culture, organization, new innovations, etc.  The more you understand about the employer, the better prepared you will be to answer questions as well as ask intelligent questions.

2. Investigate possible interview questions - Prepare responses to common interview questions that you can review before your interview. When the recruiter contacts you to schedule your interview, ask what type of interview it will be. Are you being interviewed by one person or a group of people? Make sure you have a concise yet detailed response for each of your possible questions. Concentrate on particular accomplishments and experience, education or training relative to the job. You don’t have to memorize your answers but try to tell a story with your answers. This technique will help you remember important points you don’t want to omit.

3. Dress appropriately - Plan to dress in clothes that are suitable to the company culture and organization. Your clothing should fit well, be clean, and ironed. Many times the company website will give you an indication about how the employees dress. Keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum. Don’t wear cologne or perfume as some people are allergic to them. Try to use mouthwash or brush your teeth right before the interview. Remember that you want to impress your interviewer.

4. Be prepared and prompt - The night before the interview make sure you have everything that will help you sell yourself to the company. You might want to bring extra copies of your resume and references as well as any samples of your work. Arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled time so you can observe the workplace and gather your thoughts. You may need to complete additional paperwork. Shut off your cell phone and remove any gum you are chewing.

5. Make a great first impression - When you greet the interviewer, stand up straight, smile, give eye contact, and a firm handshake.  Exude a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job and company.

6. Give focused responses to the interviewer’s questions - If you have practiced what was mentioned in # 2, this should be easy for you to do without rambling on incessantly. Giving the interviewer more than is necessary may hurt your chances of getting the position. Demonstrate how your knowledge, skills, and abilities make you a perfect fit for the company. Never say anything negative about a former employer, supervisor, or co-worker. Ask questions about the job.  Remember your goal is not to appear as a complainer but to convince the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the job.

7. Be aware of your body language - To appear confident, sit up tall in your chair, and occasionally nod so the interviewer knows you are listening. Smile and maintain eye contact. Speak in a clear voice. Don’t’ fidget in your chair or play with a pen during the interview.

8. Close the sale  - Remember that you are selling yourself as the ideal candidate for this position. As the interview draws to a close, ask the interviewer what the next steps in the hiring process are. Get an indication of when you can expect an update on your candidacy for the position.

9.Thank the interviewer  - At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for taking the time to learn about your qualifications for the position. The next day send a thank you email and write a thank you note to the interviewer. Make yourself stand out from the other candidates.

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