(Job Seeker) 11 Tips for Updating Your Resume


Is your resume ready to submit to an employer, a prospective client, or a nominating committee? Maybe you are considering volunteering, freelancing, public speaking, or writing; is your resume up to date and showcase your expertise? If not, maybe today is a good day to start updating your resume.

Update your resume today using these 11 tips.

1. Revise your resume to reflect the type of position you are searching for - If applying for a particular new position, read the job description thoroughly and tailor your resume to showcase the knowledge, skills, and abilities the employer desires.

2. Update contact information - Verify that your email address, phone numbers, and mailing address are correct so employers can contact you.

3. Add any recent awards - perhaps you were recently named “employee of the month” or received a performance bonus for how well you accomplished your goals.

4. Ensure your list of professional activities/organizations is current - Demonstrate to employers that you are constantly updating your skills and remaining current on the latest technology for your industry.

5. Remove references to obsolete technology or outdated terminology - You want employers to understand that you are current in the latest methods and technologies in your industry.
6. Remove statements about what you were supposed to do on the job - your official job descriptions – Include what you actually accomplished for each position you held.

7. Rewrite statements beginning with  “ I” - When explaining your accomplishments start with action words like  “analyzed”, “created”, facilitated” to get the attention of the employer.

8. Delete personal information - Remove, height, weight, birth date, age, gender, marital status, religion, or political affiliations.  Employers need to know your skills and abilities for the position they have available.

9. Review the length of your resume - Although it doesn’t have to be one page, generally employers appreciate a concise resume.

10. Remove irrelevant past work experience - If the experience you gained from a past position doesn’t add value to your skills and abilities for the type of position you now desire, you should remove it.

11. Remove long paragraphs - Convert them into shorter copy by using bullets for your main points. Employers don’t have the time to read lengthy copy.
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